FEBRUARY 8 & 9, 2017 | FAIRMONT PACIFIC RIM | VANCOUVER, BC                                                                               Twitter Square Button   Linkedin Square Button   Newsletter Button



Society's reliance on natural resources and the strain that this dependence places on our environment is evidenced continually through mainstream media and the overall rise in the worldwide demand for energy. The Canadian Financing Forum looks to showcase breakthrough technologies that can reduce the global dependence on scarce natural resources, and harness renewable materials and energy sources to drive society's economic engine into the future.

Since Cleantech emerged as a viable investment opportunity approximately a decade ago, the sector has vaulted to the forefront of technologies identified for commercialization. The Sustainable Technology stream at the Canadian Financing Forum provides Sustainable Technology entrepreneurs with a platform in which to explore the opportunities arising from emerging technologies in such diverse and specialized sectors as cleantech, renewable and distributed energy, advanced materials, transportation and water purification & management.

Congratulations to S2G Biochemicals Inc.
2017 Sustainable Technology Presenting Company Winner!

 S2G is developing a highly-profitable project to produce xylitol, a high-value sweetener, and bio-glycols, a drop-in replacement for commodity glycols

CFF 2017 Main Stage Presenting Companies

Sustainable Technology Stream: